Thanga & Christina Nohro

Thanga attended our first School of Music in Mission (SOMM) in India. He was a natural leader. Thanga (from Mizoram, India)  and Christina (from Canada) met when she did a DTS at YWAM Lonavala where Thanga was on staff. He now teaches in many YWAM schools, leads worship and mentors young musicians. Christina spends much time with their four children and also has taught hairstyling with a ministry that rescues women out of human trafficking and abusive situations in India.  The Norhros are based in Canada now but still have a heart for India.  In 2020 and 2021 the whole family was  “stuck” in India for several months because of Covid-19.  They made the most of their time and were involved in ministry as well as homeschooled their children.  Thanga is pursuing his seminary degree at present.

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Benny and Zanbeni Prasad

Benny has a global ministry and set Guinness World Book of Records for visiting every country in the world in the shortest amount of time.  MFM  helped launch Benny into ministry by inviting him to our School of Music in Missions (SOMM) in Santa Fe in 1999.  He pioneered the SOMM in India and fulfilled a vision of building a ministry center called Chai 3:16 that reaches out to university students through conversation and concerts. They have also launched an “Apologetics Discipleship Training School” at Chai 3:16.  Benny married a beautiful Christian singer from the state of Nagaland, named  Zanbeni.  They now have a powerful ministry together as they oversee Chai 3:16 and travel the world.


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