Sangre de Cristo Arts and Culture

Because YWAM Santa Fe is based in a beautiful historic city that values artistic expression and diverse cultures, we are helping launch Sangre de Cristo Arts & Culture as an expression of God’s heart for beauty, culture and truth.  Holding public events with the Christian worldview as the foundation can be a catalyst of spiritual discovery for the many.  We aspire to bless our community through the following:

  • Build Community – Hold casual gatherings where people can communicate freely, feel welcome and included. Be a safe place for artists and art lovers.
  • Encourage artistic expression – Hold events that provide opportunity for artistic expression and a platform for developing and professional artists.
  • Encourage artistic excellence – Offer training workshops, seminars and private lessons in various arts (music, visual arts, dance, film, etc).  Help students understand how God values expressions of beauty and truth.
  • Celebrate the Uniqueness of Cultures – Display art and hold events that help us all appreciate and understand better the diversity and creativity that is unique to people groups of the world.
  • Establish a Center – Seek to secure a location that would be a permanent home for Sangre de Cristo Arts and Culture and its activities.
  • Bless the City of Santa Fe – Present truth, beauty and grace to the residence and visitors of Santa Fe so that they may better understand Jesus’ statement in John 10:10 “The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I came to give life – – Life in all its fullness.”