Nagaland, INDIA

MC and Atsu Jamatia

MC and Atsu and their three children (two are adopted from Burma) are leaders of the YWAM base in Kohima, Nagaland, India.  They have prayed and persevered through Atsu having cancer, financial challenges and needing to prove themselves to local leaders.  They have now established a coffee house for bikers, ministries to women and are part of the Father’s Love ministry conferences.  MC and Atsu are musicians but often facilitate other musicians as organizers.  They have set up some great ministry opportunities for Karen and other visiting missionaries in Nagaland.

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It’s been a wonderful start of 2023 with a mission trip to the most unreached people group of northeast India in a state call Tripura, we had three days event telling about our Father who loves them, I believe it’s a beginning to connect, share and love the unlovable. Pictured is a small group of believers without pastor since they couldn’t manage to pay but the members managed themself. We promised to come every year and connect with His love and words

The  kids have never heard the word Sunday school, so while we were on the mission trip we had the opportunity to spend a few days with them. Most of there parents are farmers and have never been to church.  On our next mission trip we hope to take some Sunday school materials and spend some more days with them. They really loved the story of Jonah and  the “big fish”.
Thank you for standing with us on God’s mission to share more of His love. We really appreciate your service.
Thank you,
Mc and atsu
Y Kohima