MFMI Network

Musicians For Missions International (MFMI) was founded in 1981 by singer/songwriter Karen Lafferty as part of Youth With A Mission in Amsterdam, Holland.

The MFMI Network continues to be fruitful as we encourage, give practical support and mentor musicians around the world.  We keep in contact with several musicians and ministries but there are a few with whom we have regular contact as we plan projects and strategize together.  They are all leaders in their areas now. 

Click on their photos to see a short summary of their ministries and their contact information:


Benny and Zanbeni Prasad (India)

Thanga and Christina Nohro (India)

MC and Atsu Jamatia (Nagaland)

Bruce and Debbie Jakola (USA)

Musicians for Missions not only seeks to prepare musicians for ministry through our various programs, but also to partner with other musicians and ministries with various projects (i.e. tours, training and recordings). This informal way of serving has born much fruit and given us many friends around the world.

We also have a structure that connects several music ministries with each other for mutual support. This is our "MFMI Network". This network consists of those who have become associated with MFMI through a school or other project. We are committed to give prayer and practical support to one another so that each ministry represented may remain strong for the work of the Kingdom. We can highly recommend these ministries for projects you may be planning. The MFMI Network includes both seasoned ministries and some that are fairly new.  If you would like more details about their ministries, you may contact them.