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Arts and the Kingdom Seminar

ATS  305

October 2 - November 6, 2019

THE MISSION OF YWAM is to know God and to make Him known. So fundamentally, all schools and seminars offered through the University of the Nations are for people who want to get to know God better – radically better! The “YWAM DNA” challenges students to follow God wholly and practices this through corporate worship, listening prayer, intercession, evangelism, and acts of service.

THIS FIVE-WEEK ARTS AND THE KINGDOM SEMINAR is for those who wish to explore and develop a vocational call to serve God in the arena of the Arts. The course is designed to inform, inspire, and facilitate the artist, arts promoter, or arts educator to be creative forces for “kingdom come.” Through the particular lens of Jesus’ primary message of the Kingdom of God, students will examine what is unique about the work of the Christian artist. All disciplines in the arts (i.e. fine arts, media arts, musical arts, theatrical arts, dance, literary arts…) will be considered as the course topics guide students through theological, historical, sociological, and philosophical considerations which provide a rich context to understand the unique work of the artist in our contemporary world.

The course is open to:

  • YWAM degree-seeking students who have completed a DTS.
  • The larger Christian arts community.

WE EMPHASIZE the relational imperative of the kingdom of God – one that is grounded in love. Real love. Love incarnated in the person and the life of Jesus. Love that is animated in His body (the church, the bride) through the Holy Spirit. Love that breaks into our world as God’s very mission to draw all men to Himself. Therefore, as a missional people (those who take up Christ’s mission), our relationships, one with another, are not in essence ones that are united by the work we do together or by our vision. Rather, they are rooted and united through the very love of God in Christ. Therefore, the way we prefer, serve, honor and respect each other, the way we carry genuine interest in one another’s lives and call, the way we make room for and celebrate the gifts and graces that are manifest in each person, these ways of ‘life together’ are not only God’s strategic means to reflect the kingdom but are His beautiful means to be present in the world through us.

Equally, the community life – the Communion – we are called into, is a threshing floor of transformation. In the course of our ‘life together’ we also anticipate a contending between personal brokenness and the glory of God that dwells in each of us. We ask for open hearts among the participants in this community… hearts willing to have unloving patterns revealed, and hearts ready to allow the Spirit’s work of repentance, redemption, and transformation to occur.

THE STRUCTURE of the seminar includes:

  • Lecture - We have invited some highly accomplished artists who carry a passion for the kingdom to speak from their life experience and expertise.  Click here to see the speaker bios.
  • Small group discipleship - Weekly time is devoted to processing seminar content and personal growth issues.
  • Creative practice and project development - Weekly practice is devoted to the discipline of creative life. A final project (“an offering”) will be realized over the course of the seminar and presented in various venues.
  • Field trips.

Mural / Sculpture Walks around Albuquerque

Local Music Venues

Abiquiu Studio Tour

Meow Wolf

ARTISTIC LOCALES are part of the extraordinary setting of this seminar. New Mexico is home to significant centers of arts and culture. Over the five-week course, we will capitalize on this rich resource through a mobile approach - beginning in Albuquerque for the first week, travelling to Abiquiu in northern New Mexico for thenext week and a half, followed by a week in Santa Fe. We’ll return to Albuquerque for the final days of the course.

THE COST of the seminar is $1,725.00.

Application Fee - $45.00 non-refundable

Once accepted, a deposit of $300.00 (20%) is required to confirm your place and is deducted from total costs.

The remaining tuition ($1,380) is due, in total, on September 18 - two weeks prior to the first day of school.

For payment options click here

The tuition includes accommodation, food, and some materials. It does not include transportation to/from Albuquerque. Transportation within Albuquerque and Santa Fe may include some provision for shuttling back and forth from lecture locations. However, please build costs for Uber or contributing to the ‘pool’ if staff or fellow students have personal cars and are willing to accommodate transportation needs. All eating out (you will want to take advantage of the New Mexico cuisine while visiting the area, if budget allows) and your own explore-the-city transportation are your financial responsibility during the five weeks.

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