Track Leaders

Regan Homeyer

School Leader

Educator Track

I graduated with a BA in Music Education in 1980, beginning my career as a private piano instructor with the Creative Arts and Theatre School in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. My husband, Rick, and I joined YWAM in the Pacific Northwest in 1994 and remained in leadership in Salem, Oregon until 2001. We led the King’s Kids Ministry for six years and then pioneered a very arts-focused version of the Mission Adventures program that facilitated church youth groups into short term missions. During that time, my educational employment included positions as Teaching Artist with the Salem, Oregon Arts Association, and Artist-in-Residence, where I taught music and arts enrichment classes within the public school system.

I’ve had a lifetime interest in music history and the role of music within world cultures. Mission travel in India, China, and the Middle East in 2000-2006 allowed me to observe the integral role music plays in the individual and communal health of indigenous tribes-peoples and inspired me to return to academic life to continue my studies in musicology/ethnomusicology. My research interests are focused on Egyptian and Sudanese Nubian musicians and how their music sounds the riverine environment that has shaped their everyday lives for thousands of years.

Since moving to New Mexico, I was adjunct faculty with the music department of Northern New Mexico College in Espanola, NM until 2017. I'm a vocalist, pianist, composer - have been married to one of those classic Christian rock worship leaders for 38 years and have children who creatively forge their own paths in the arts, intensive healthcare, social work, and the kingdom.

Jessica Homeyer

Creative Writing Track

My main focus in my writing is on children and youth. I am especially interested in highlighting the interests and situations of youth whose reading ability is below their age group. My dream is to create a platform that gives a voice to those who feel voiceless. I’ve written two manuscripts that dealt with youth in foster care. Currently, I am working on a piece about troubled youth set in a southern backdrop.

Maybe one of the projects I’m most proud of is a series that follows an eleven-year-old boy as he navigates junior high with numerous disabilities… well, and also a children's alphabet book entitled A Wee Matey’s Treasure Hunt through the ABCs that I wrote and illustrated.

I graduated from Belhaven University in 2016 with a BFA in Creative Writing. I’ve served as Editor-in-Chief of a literary journal and was published in several literary magazines over the past six years. I love reading and editing others work and helping them form their ideas into coherent, engaging stories. Summer and Fall of 2018, I completed my Creative Arts DTS with YWAM London Radiant. While in this school, I created a blog which I continue to expand upon. The link is here: for those interested.