Speaker Bios

Fred Allen

Fred Allen is the founder and president of Burning Bush Ministries. He has a graduate degree in English literature and taught at Crown College near Minneapolis and George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.

Fred is an international speaker, teacher, writer, cartoonist, and sometimes stage actor. In 1979 he experienced radical transformation in Christ, became a serious student of the Bible and soon discovered his gift for teaching.  As a speaker Fred blends comedy with passionate delivery. As a teacher he brings a refreshing literary approach to the Scriptures. Avoiding dogmatic predispositions, he insists on letting the Biblical texts speak for themselves rather than encumbering them with theological assumptions. The result is a thoughtful, powerful encounter with the God of the Bible.

Along with Preaching, Teaching, and Service, a core value of Burning Bush Ministries is the Arts. As Fred states on their webpage (go have a look through the link below!) – “Because we are convinced that God has made humankind to share in his creative nature, we feel a special call to explore and share the value of the literary, visual, and performing arts as a powerful expression of divine truth and beauty.”

His wife, Sonia Allen, is a successful artist and art educator. They have four grown children and live in Salem, Oregon.


Carl Tinnion

I have worked with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for 22 years. Currently I lead one of our main training campuses in England as well as being involved in wider leadership in Europe. During the last 2 decades I have worked all over the world being involved in lots of missional contexts and communities. I am passionate about how Christians express and communicate their faith in the every day. Gods mission is about communicating his steadfast kindness and patience towards all of humanity. Gods message to us is that he wants us to love Him as well as one another to the same degree that we love ourselves. I suppose we can only do that once we truly understand what God is like and what he really thinks about us. Jesus is the key here.

Whatever you think about Christians (let’s face it, we are far from perfect) ……when we actually obey Jesus’ commands and try to live the way he lived, it is an incredibly beautiful and profound thing. It’s about loving one another, forgiveness, generosity, hospitality, grace, fun, food, community, family, more fun, some more forgiveness………….you get the picture.

So much of the outworking of this is found in experimentation and creativity, and just trying to live life in all its fullness.

Carl’s blog is, in his words, “an attempt to discuss life, explore missional practice and to tell stories.”