Sabo and Brenda Jisa

Sabo, from Nigeria,  came to our SOMM (School of Music Ministry) in India in 2001.  When Benny Prasad was pioneering an SOMM at YWAM Townsville, Australia, Sabo staffed that school.  He then took the SOMM back to YWAM Perth, where he was on staff.  The SOMM is still running there every year.  They have a large base and strong leadership at YWAM Perth, so I am not in contact as much with them.  Sabo has established “Musicians For Missions Perth” through which he has been launching and managing bands. Sabo has been struggling with poor health and would appreciate your prayers.  Pictured above is Sabo with his Canadian wife, Brenda, and their two children.  They are expecting their third child.

Sabo ministering with some of the SOMM students